Last Moments

Last Moments

In the summer of 2014, Israel launched a 51-day war on the Gaza Strip. My children were in Sinai and I had stayed in Cairo, ostensibly to work. So I was alone throughout the first three weeks, shutters closed in the houseboat. Of all the political experiences I had, or perhaps as an accretion from the same, this was one of the hardest. I nearly lost my sanity. Not only because of the devastation and the killing. But because I was all too aware of how little, in actual point of real fact, can be done to stop it. The feeling of horror is doubled when combined with helplessness. Confronted and immobilised by my awareness, based on past experience, of what would constitute a waste of time, I spent much of those three weeks creating graphics, along with plans for tools that could — for the next war — break this imposed irrelevance. In this series I tried to visualise death: the last moments and last seconds of people dying under the bombs.

Format: Bitmap graphics
Software: Adobe Photoshop

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1 August 2014
Ian Douglas

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