DoubleDare is a distinctive soft drink unlike any other. In a range of usual flavours, the brand aims to spark the imagination and open up new worlds.

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Brand concept

This is a heavily customised landing page for a new product sold in Egypt and expanding to other distributors in the Middle East. The aim was to contextualise the product in its own conceptual universe, matching imagery to sensation and taste, and evoking the DoubleDare lifestyle.

In addition to foregrounding the product, the page serves as a gateway for potential distributors and marketers, and links to the mother company that produces the product.

CMS: WordPress
Server: A2 Hosting
CDN: Cloudflare, MaxCND


Most of the work here was graphical: establishing strong aesthetics and placing the product beautifully in its own universe. The use of colour is strong, contrasting, and vibrant. The site is fully responsive and deploys video wallpapers and a block arrangement to give the product a strong and visual presence.

Live page:

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14 October 2014
Ian Douglas

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