Global Barter Revolution

Global Barter Revolution is a seedling idea of how to live without money, extending the concept of friendship to non-reciprocal exchange based on the notion of the six degrees of separation.

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Global Barter Revolution

Brand concept

This is a simple landing page for a project that looks for supporters. The main content is the Global Barter Revolution Manifesto, and explaining the idea behind it in a clear, logical and readable way.

The site was recreated in WordPress from an initial HTML design. It is built on top of Visual Composer and deploys various layout features, including popup video, slanted section breaks, social sharing integration and a customised contact form linked to Mailchimp.

CMS: WordPress
Server: A2 Hosting
CDN: Cloudflare, MaxCND


From a design point of view, the aesthetic was intended to be bold, bright and sleek. One of the main initial goals of the project is to gather skilled supporters who can brainstorm and then build a web application that could handle the complexity of the six degrees of separation in practice.

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23 September 2013
Ian Douglas

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