National Dialogue on Climate Change in Egypt

The National Dialogue on Climate Change in Egypt is an initiative of the German Friedrich Neumann Foundation for Liberty. The associated site was created in late 2011.

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National Dialogue on Climate Change in Egypt

Brand concept

This site was build on an existing theme but very heavily customised. For the sake of keeping sites affordable, I often take this route. The client had some idea of what they wanted, in terms of site functionality, but design development was entirely left to me.

This is one of the earliest bilingual sites I built. Utilising the WPML plugin, the site is avilable in English and Arabic. From a design point of view, this presented the challenge of recoding the existing theme to play well with right-to-left alignment.

CMS: WordPress
Addons: WPML, Essential Grid
Server: EUKHost
CDN: Cloudflare, MaxCND


As well as site design, all graphic content was custom-created. On this project I was the sole designer and developer.

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23 December 2011
Ian Douglas

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