powerfoundation is a project that aims to further political understanding of the State, the world and the human animal through analysis of power and power relations.

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Brand concept

This is where I started with web design, back in 1996. powerfoundation had various iterations before reaching its present form in 2010. Initially a plain HTML site, I was coding for powerfoundation on GoLive (what would later become Dreamweaver) when CSS first emerged. Later, I used ImageStyler (which was fantastic software at the time, in 1997-8), and then WordPress when it first appeared in 2003.

The present site remains WordPress based. It is a simple, responsive design that emphasises legibility of text and clean, white space.

CMS: WordPress
Server: A2 Hosting
CDN: Cloudflare, MaxCND


The powerfoundation project is not active and is due an update. It is included here simply as a legacy site, to illustrate how long I’ve been engaged in web design and development. All images on the site are custom created.

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14 January 2011
Ian Douglas

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