Skydive Egypt

Skydive Egypt is a startup that aims to establish the first civilian commercial dropzone in Egypt.

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Skydive Egypt

Brand concept

This is another project in the making, so the aim was to make the page distinctive and exciting, in order to build a buzz around the project. The page was an update on an earlier site built in WordPress. In effect, it is a placeholder where people can gain some understanding of the aims of the project and sign up to be updated via a newsletter linked to Mailchimp.

CMS: WordPress
Server: A2 Hosting
CDN: Cloudflare, MaxCND


The site uses animation to mimic the activity of skydiving, while setting bold and strong colours to give the project a distinct visual identity. The page is also intended to act as a focus for potential investors and others who simply want to try the sport. Through links, would-be skydivers can get information on the activity and become engaged with the effort to realise the project.

Live page:

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23 November 2013
Ian Douglas

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