Atelier Fan Hsu

Atelier Fan Hsu is a high end jewelry establishment offering exclusive, rare and exquisite designs.

Brand concept

I have a love for monograms, and tried several combinations of vintage, ornamental and serif fonts. Some of the examples of draft designs are below in the project gallery. I kept returning to this classic imposition of the F and H, despite its boldness.

It has for me a certain unusual beauty. Almost dissonant, but certainly a solid mark that could be used not only in marketing and branding materials, but as a stamp on the jewelry itself.

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Atelier Fan Hsu



The font used for Atelier is a classic serif. Eminently legible, the aim is to denote high quality, but not slight or fragile, but rather solid and having volume. I had heaviness in mind: the classic oak table, or mahogany, panelled staircase. Things of great quality usually carry weight.

Combined with the mark, the aim was to convey the value of the product, and give heritage to the provider.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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23 November 2015
Ian Douglas

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