ClockOff is a mobile app that allows you to check out what is happening in proximity to your place of work when work time is over.

Brand concept

This was developed for an open contest on 99designs. The brief was very strict: word mark only, with only the most minimal alterations of the typeface considered. Mainly the client was look for a fontface that would work for the project.

My proposal was to add a minimal stroke to the O of Off, to mimic a watch face pointed to 5pm — clocking off time in traditional work hours. Though the design didn’t make the final round, I still like it for its efficiency.

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The fontface is a vintage type, to place the app in Generation X. I proposed using the altered O as an icon for the app.

Black against orange was chosen as the color scheme for contrast, and to evoke early evening, going on night.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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22 November 2015
Ian Douglas

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