Denarius Capital is a financial services company that provides brokerage, managed futures and investment consultancy along with general market strategy input.

Brand concept

This logo design was for a financial services company that was seeking to rebrand. The client was particularly concerned for the new brand to convey trust, integrity and confidence.

Typography is often as crucial, or more so, than a graphical logo. The exact weight and kerning of the letters, and the font type and harmony between these and the mark, give the general effect. Here, an elegant, classic font is used for the main business name, with a modern and legible font used for Capital.

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Denarius Capital



The logo mark is intended both as a D, for Denarius, and to evoke an upward swing in investment returns. Using a stroke outline allows the mark to remain minimalist, while the color variation allows a visual focus on the would-be graph bar with the highest value.

In this instance, the background color is also important, with a dark, deep slate combined with a blue hue. This color choice is intended to convey heritage and the maturity of the company.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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13 December 2015
Ian Douglas

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