H4 Wearable Sail Tech

H4 Wear is a startup for wearable sailing tech that provides real time data on the move.

Brand concept

This started out as a freelance project on and extended to being asked to build the coming website (currently underway now) and coming onboard as a partner focused on branding and marketing the H4 device.

The final device logo is the outcome of a process that saw quite a few different design paths, starting out with a sailboat made from a circuit board, until the simplicity of the current design prevailed. A couple of the early iterations are included in the gallery below.

H4 Wearable Sail Tech



Nothing was set at the beginning. Only a description of the device was provided. The final logo takes a cue from the first proposal, which was based on a circuit board, while simplifying everything down to the essence: H4 itself.

The project page for the website in the making is here.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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9 October 2015
Ian Douglas

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