Jacobson Capital is a US-based hedge and investment fund, offering superior financial services.

Brand concept

This was created for an open contest on 99designs. Though it made it to the final round, it didn’t win the contest. Nonetheless, of all the brand concepts I have created, this is my favourite.

Two versions were created. Both are custom monograms with a classic serif font and layout. Both were inspired from early 20th century monogram work, aiming to convey quality, heritage, maturity and wealth. The more minimal of the two is a monogram made up of the letters J and C. The more complicated monogram includes I and A for “Investment Advisors.”

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The fontface chosen is an elegant serif, rendered in title case small caps. Great care was taken with the specific hue of the background, as well as kerning. The aim was hit a clean balance in an efficient concept and mark.

When creating this brand design I had in mind fine cut slate, dark and heavy oak panelling, the classic Hell’s Kitchen brownstone.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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6 April 2011
Ian Douglas

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