Jobpal is a mobile app interface for casual and blue collar jobs.

Brand concept

This was created for an open contest on 99designs. Though it didn’t win, I like the design relative to the brief. Jobpal is a mobile that allows users to receive job notifications in part through social media contacts. It is directed towards casual, blue collar work, as opposed to higher-end, white collar job opportunities.

In responding to the brief, I wanted to create something simple, bold and legible in the way of helvetica font, or public signing, but with distinctive, understated additions to give identity to the Jobpal business.

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To represent the “word of mouth” social media aspect of the Jobpal app, the “o” and “b” were converted in negative space to apostrophes. To give a positive feel, and to underline the meaning of “pal”, a mark was added to make a smiling face in the second half of the letter mark.

The rounded and yet tapered font was chosen for readability and distinctiveness, as well as to be contemporaneous, while the color scheme chosen was neutral, understated though bold, and elegant.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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8 November 2015
Ian Douglas

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