Parabuild is a software package for drafting steel, constructions in 3D. It features many tools to speed up the 3D drafting process (including parametric constraints).

Brand concept

This was developed for an open contest on 99designs. Though the design didn’t make the final round, I like it still.

Parabuild is proprietary software targeted towards architects and engineers, allowing steel-framed structures to be built digitally in 3D before real-world execution. I wanted to emphasise geometry and yet include something smooth and fluid, to convey a sense of the maturity of the software. Font selection fulfilled the latter requirement, while I made a logo out of P and B superimposed, in a geometrical arrangement to evoke trusses and frames.

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I wanted the logo to be minimalistic and to evoke the steel frames the software Parabuild is grounded on. I like the non-obvious, and this is an example: the logo is, as can be seen left, actually a superimposed P and B, from the word Parabuild.

The choice of a gradient color between blue and green was aimed at the software development field, and would have been part of an overall brand identity to be carried over into marketing materials, both on and offline.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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13 December 2015
Ian Douglas

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