Payedm is an online payment gateway that bills you to your prepaid or open line mobile account.

Brand concept

This was developed as both a brand concept and a domain name and company name.

The company in question is aiming to establish an easy and secure way to pay others online via your mobile phone company. For this project I proposed both a logo concept, and the name of the company itself: payedm (“paid ’em”).

Here’s a caption style for an embedded image in WordPress.




The logo mark uses the “e” in payedm to represent a coin entering a slot. The logic here is to put emphasis on “pay” while adding something distinctive that could be used separately, as an app icon. On the other side of the “e” is “dm” in the same font as “pay.” This is intended to evoke “direct message” — the online equivalent of an SMS.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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5 November 2015
Ian Douglas

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