The first logo I designed, circa 1996.

Brand concept

The Powerfoundation (now simply powerfoundation) was where I started in web content creation. Initially it occupied a space on Geocities before, in 1997, I bought my first domain. Quite late in the day, even then. But still.

The logo I created for this project meant something at the time. Less so now. It was an upturned @ sign, extended to be a P for power. Deeply influenced by Paul Virilio, it was a way of formulating a deep scepticism about the emerging global “information revolution.” Later, as web design — and digital graphic design as a whole — made serious leaps forward, thanks to the likes of Joshua Davis, this logo was let go.

Here’s a caption style for an embedded image in WordPress.




Now, powerfoundation is the most simple word mark possible: arial font. It remains a project not realised. Perhaps one day soon, when I can return to writing about power, it will be revived and live truly for the first time.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Adobe Illustrator
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19 November 1996
Ian Douglas

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