Revolution Wine

Revolution Wine is a bar and restaurant in Seattle, United States.

Brand concept

The client had an initial design idea of using a five-pointed star. Exploring negative space, I changed the concept and used the star for the letter V in Revolution itself. I was inspired at the beginning by the white star of the Cuban Revolution.

The grunge or distressed effect on Wine took quite some work in vector graphics. I knew that it had to remain vector based, to scale for the bar front. Literally thousands of layers had to be largely combined in batches by hand to end up with transparency, so the grunge effect could be independent of its background.

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Revolution Wine



The idea was always to be rotated, and to arrive to an outcome that could appear to be stencil-based graffiti. Wine should be non-regular, while Revolution would be bold and clear.

I also developed several condensed logo marks for various uses, including social media profile images and packaging. Revolution Wine opened in Seattle in January 2016.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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15 October 2015
Ian Douglas

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