SecondSkn is the idea for a global brand competitor to Victoria’s Secret, but for the eco-age.

Brand concept

SecondSkn was created as a brand placeholder for a business that would focus on intimate apparel, but distinct from Victoria’s Secret. Whereas the latter aims towards a classical aesthetic of lace and sheer, SecondSkn would be based on the finest grade of Egyptian cotton — globally the best cotton produced. The aesthetic would be to the urban man and woman in an ecological age.

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What is unique about this mark is circumventing the specificity of “skin” with an acronym, “skn.” While the word mark would be pronounced “second skin”, it would read differently, creating the phonic resonance of something universally recognisable, with the visual dissonance of something non-threatening, where skin can be both intimate but too much so.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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15 December 2011
Ian Douglas

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