Senshido is the brainchild of one of the most respected instructors of self-defence worldwide — Richard Dimitri.

Brand concept

I met Richard Dimitri in Cairo in 2010 and had the honor of participating in one of his renowned seminars. Richard teaches real world “street” self-defence, but has the mind of an urban Clausewitz. Deeply impressed by the man, I offered to help after I found out that he was struggling to get his material online.

Then, unfortunately, the Egyptian revolution hit shore. I had big plans for Richard: a streaming environment backed by Amazon scalability and bandwidth adaptability, so he could market his archive of remarkable self-defence video training tools to every greater numbers. But sadly, after some time, I had to give up the idea, given the difficulties we faced locally.

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What did survive was a bare idea of a brand, adapted from an original sketch. Next time around, Richard. I promise.

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6 October 2010
Ian Douglas

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