Tutair is a brand concept for Easyjet equivalent serving the Middle East out of Cairo.

Brand concept

This brand concept was developed in 2010, before the Egyptian Revolution, and was put on hold thereafter for obvious reasons. The core idea was to create a subsidiary of EgyptAir that could function as an economy carrier serving core touristic routes in the Middle East, particularly Egypt.

When I was contacted, the project had no name, domain, or visual concept beyond what it wanted to do. I chose Tutair for its shortness, memorability, as resonance with Egypt and its history.




Concerning the mark, I wanted to invoke a 1970s aesthetic, as the decade in which modern tourism really began to take shape, and a decade of glamour and exploration.

The fontface chosen is a classic serif slab, to give the mark a strong presence. The additional branding touch is using the Egyptian pyramids as the dot on the “i” in air.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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8 May 2013
Ian Douglas

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