Zero Emission Delivery

Zero Emission Delivery is a Canadian startup that provides efficient delivery services by bicycle and electric vehicles, aiming to bring to the courier service business ecological efficiency.

Brand concept

The client on this project had an initial logo made that included a bicycle, an electric car, a leaf, and both “ZED” and “Zero Emission Delivery,” all in light green and sky blue. I proposed the following in its place.

In my view, a logo should only do one thing, or include one main concept. I focused on the leaf, making it vertical to appear as growing from Earth. I dispensed with “ZED” to focus on the full name concept, which is the essence of the distinctiveness of this business startup. As I also wanted the mark to be bold and clear, I put the name in a strong square, in deep green, that I could imagine working well on delivery vehicles and packaging.

Here’s a caption style for an embedded image in WordPress.

Zero Emissions Delivery



I wanted the concept of the business to be the clearest aspect, so picked a sans serif font for maximum legibility at a distance.

In the end, there are only really two things to look at: the business name, which encapsulates the core business concept, and the leaf. In my view, it is enough: efficient, elegant, and adaptable for multiple uses.

Format: Vector graphics
Software: Affinity Designer


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13 January 2016
Ian Douglas

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